Do you want to change the world ?
Do you want to start your own business ?


But lack a good idea,
the right skills and team ?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are in the right place.
Through our program, we will introduce you to the world of Social Entrepreneurship
and support you in realizing your social startup idea !


The ZGI:kompakt (Certificate in Social Innovations:compact) is a two-day, hands-on workshop on Social Entrepreneurship targeted towards students and young professionals. We bring together curious, responsible and visionary individuals to develop innovative solutions for the societal and environmental challenges of our time.


In four consecutive modules we will interactively introduce you to the Social Entrepreneurship ecosystem. You will discover your inner entrepreneurial skills and we will support you with a toolbox on how to launch your own Social Startup. In the end, you are going to put your new ideas together and launch your project with an interdisciplinary team.


The workshop is organized by the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie and is sponsored by the KfW Stiftung. In the last four years, the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie has conducted a variety of professional trainings for future Social Entrepreneurs. This strong expertise has been leveraged to develop the ZGI:kompakt, in order to guarantee a comprehensive learning experience for students, young professionals, university staff and companies.


Hands-on. Intensive. To the point.

»A social entrepreneur is a person who has both a powerful idea to cause a positive social change and the creativity, skills, determination and drive to transform that idea into reality. Social entrepreneurs combine the savvy, opportunism, optimism and resourcefulness of business entrepreneurs, but they devote themselves to pursuing social change or “social profit”, rather than financial profit.«

David Bornstein, Author

Course Structure

In four interactive and hands-on modules you will learn how to become a Social Entrepreneur.

Experience Social Startups Live


During Module 2 of the ZGI:kompakt workshop you meet Social Entrepreneurs face to face.
They will be available for a Q&A session and will tell you about their story and daily life as a Social Entrepreneur.

Based on their experience you will learn what it takes to build a Social Startup.

The following Social Startups have been our guests already:


  • Polarstern

    Polarstern inspires people for the energy revolution. The company raises awareness, questions conventional energy use and production, and provides responsible energy alternatives. They offer alternatives for people in Germany who want to make themselves independent from fossil fuel resources and completely switch to renewable energy: by switching to real green electricity and green gas. Further, they live up to a global view of the energy revolution. A clean Europe is not enough. As energy transition is a worldwide phenomenon Polarstern supports families in building up private biogas plants in developing countries.

  • sira munich corp.

    The sira munich corp. builds day-care centers for companies of any size and branch. From requirements analysis and planning to the realization of a day-care center, sira munich’s team takes care of project organization and implementation, and uses their knowledge to carry out each step quickly and successfully. Together with their clients sira munich pursues two main goals: simplification of the balance of family and career for employees and strengthening employee loyalty. Through the involvement of several business partners, Sira Munich Corp. can individually adapt its products to the needs of their clients.

  • Leonhard

    Leonhard is a Startup that qualifies and trains prisoners of Bavarian jails in the topic of Entrepreneurship.
    Very often people ask: does this really work? And the answer is: it does!
    The reasons that lead to an imprisonment are as diverse as the personality traits of each individual prisoner. There are many prisoners having courage and showing initiative, being creative and being eager to take risks. Each of these personality traits are quite positive! Still, they all have somehow turned into the „wrong direction“ which sometimes even led to an imprisonment of several years.

  • nearBees

    nearBees connects local hobby beekeepers and honey aficionados on an online platform.
    You can do a search on the bees in your neighborhood and directly order honey from local beekeepers.
    This does not only taste better, but also helps the environment. Over 80% of honey in Germany is imported – from countries like Argentina, Brazil or China. Low priced products form abroad in other business sectors mainly create problems for local producers, but regarding the beekeeping business it can cause damage for the whole society. Honey can be imported,
    but not the main performance by the bees – the pollination of crops.
    Help us to re-localize the honey consumption, support your local beekeepers and
    maintain a worth living and blooming neighborhood.


    ROCK YOUR LIFE! qualifies students as mentors who voluntarily accompany pupils from disadvantaged milieus on their way to pursue a working life or a secondary school, by following a structured mentoring process. The aim of our two-year mentoring relationship is to encourage pupils on their way to a professional life and contribute to them finding out about their strengths and talents. Another important part of our program are cooperative partnerships with companies that offer internship or apprenticeship placements and therefore facilitate tangible future prospects. Thus they make an effective contribution to educational equity and strengthen their businesses with valuable new employees. A win-win situation for companies and students.

  • eduventis

    EDUVENTIS provides the opportunity for kids and teenagers to explore and develop their strengths. We design workshops, project weeks and courses where young people get the chance to meet role models of their field of interest who they can look up to and grow with. For our adolescents to evolve both socially and artistically we provide good conditions and purposeful guidance.
    Our trained educationists, specialized in youth culture work with schools and youth facilities in central Germany. We train teachers in skill enhancement seminars with respect to mental stability and the conscious use of language. Through social work and the management of school clubs we are part of a sustainable development of interpersonal relationships in our partner schools.

  • SWOP

    It’s the first free-market-APP, where items become donations. It’s a quite simple process: Users advertise their used items through a digital free-market-principle. The difference to formats such as Ebay-classified advertisement: The acquirer of the item does not pay, but donates – in fact directly through the APP – a self-chosen amount through PayPal, SEPA debit or Charity SMS to a social organization. You can tidy up your home, forage for a bargain and meet new people sharing you passion for bargains by using the SWOP-Team APP. At the time, you help social organization near you with an effective donation.
    Until now, there are 30 organizations German-wide, which is using the SWOP-Team APP – amongst others the foundation Gute Tat in Munich, which place volunteers to 250 social projects. In our country we have 400 000 social organizations which are relying on donations. On the other hand, nearly everyone has good items at home, which only take space. Let create effective help out of our oversupply!

  • AfB social & green IT

    AfB social & green IT is specialized on pickup, deletion, preparation and re-commercialization of used enterprise-IT. Europe-wide we realize this with our own automobiles and trucks, revision-safe and certificated data-deletion as well as our own network of branches in Germany, France, Austria and Swiss. More than 200 AfB employees work for more than 430 partners on 13 sites.
    What makes us outstanding: every workflow in the company is designed barrier-free and are jointly performed by disabled and non-disabled persons. Additionally, our work substitutes the resource-consuming new production of hardware and thereby we can considerably reduce electronic scrap and CO2. More information about us and about our work:

  • Gründervilla

    The Gründervilla is a house, which provides – as a start-up-hub and innovation network for entrepreneurs, freelance or companies – rooms, network and expertise to work and to become successful. The aim of a Gründervilla is to create perspectives in rural areas – for people, workplaces and ideas. The pilot project, which started in September 2014 in Kempten/Allgäu, was profitable and fully booked out already after six month. The extensive network and several offers for innovation feature opportunities to exchange experiences, to transform ideas successfully and to penetrate into new markets for entrepreneurs. From 2016 onwards, this concept will be available for firms and communities Europe-wide through a Social Franchising Modell to keep up with the entrepreneurial environment and perspectives in economical and demographical shift.

  • Volunteer World

    Volunteer World is an independent platform that connects volunteers and social projects on a global scale. Based on the latest web technology, the platform offers a userfriendly experience. Volunteers can explore, compare and apply to social projects worldwide according to personal preferences concerning location and tasks.

  • Breadhouse

    The Bread Houses Network creates and unites centers for community-building, creativity, and social entrepreneurship with the mission to inspire individuals and communities around the world to discover and develop their creative potential and cooperate across all ages, professions, gender, special needs, and ethnic backgrounds through collective bread-making and accompanying art forms and sustainable ecological education.

  • Ecosia

    Ecosia is the search engine, that plants trees. Ecosia works like most search engines: Simply type in your search in the window and get results quickly and reliably, even on the phone or tablet. Like all searching machines we also show advertisement beside our searching results. With clicks on the advertisement, we are paid by our partners Microsoft Bing. Now there comes the special: Unlike other search engines, we donate at least 80% of our profits from this advertising revenue on a reforestation project.So we were able since our founding in December 2009 until November 2015 to donate more than 5 million euros for environmental purposes and plant over 3 million trees. More about Ecosia, the current planting project in Burkina Faso, our apps and the team in Berlin under:



ZGI:kompakt for Students

Do you want to decrease global poverty ?


Do you want to strengthen educational equality in Europe ?


Do you want to establish a sharing economy in your neighbourhood ?


Together we will show you how to become a Social Entrepreneur!


We help courageous, curious, responsible, creative and forward-looking individuals become the social innovators of tomorrow.
Whether you are a designer, journalist, social scientist, engineer, app developer or cultural manager – we are convinced that the urgent social, economic and environmental challenges can only be solved through interdisciplinary action.

Learn what it takes to be a Social Entrepreneur!
Are you still lacking an innovative idea? We will help you generate new concepts and models!

During the ZGI:kompakt workshop you will be supervised by our experienced lecturers and work within a team of maximum 25 participants. That is how we guarantee an interactive and exciting workshop, which will be completed with a certificate.


  • Ioanna Fotopoulou, Participant from Greece

    »We tried to change our societies with revolution. And we seriously failed time after time. Now it is time for innovation. This is why we established YouRule – the first anonymous social media for rebuilding societies. And this is how the Social Entrepreneurship Akademie helped me. Through an interactive workshop in Thessaloniki’s Goethe Institute they showed us the way to create a more efficient business plan, reach out to our target groups and get ready for the needed social change in Greece today.«

  • Tafesh Thaer, Participant from Palestine

    »As motivated participants working together with great experts from the ZGI:kompakt we were able to successfully accomplish a social startup that has a clear positive impact. After going through an intensive and interactive social innovation training we innovated an idea, which helps unprivileged people in rural China to have a smoother access to medical care and to decrease child mortality.«

  • Madeleine Wolff, Participant from Germany

    »For me the ZGI:kompakt represents social entrepreneurship: Focus on the solutions of societal problems and develop new business models from them. That´s how business development works in the 21st century – entrepreneurs can do differently!«


Enroll now for a ZGI:kompakt workshop in your city!


Next dates for the ZGI:kompakt:

10/11 September 2018 at Akkon-Hochschule in Berlin (apply until August 26th)
5/6 November 2018 in München (apply until October 21st)


Please send us your contact details, your field of study or profession and personal motivation (maximum 500 words) on why you would like to attend a ZGI:kompakt workshop in your city.


ZGI:kompakt for Academia


Would you like to book the ZGI:kompakt workshop for your university ?


Based on the Social Entrepreneuship Akadmie’s extensive expertise we are able to uniquely design an intensive, hands-on workshop, which inspires students, academics, scientific associates and company representatives to generate innovative solutions to current societal challenges. Our internationally experienced lecturers share their specific know-how, methods and instruments in an interactive and exciting manner. This supports our participants in generating ideas and realizing their social business models. At the end of our workshop participants will be awarded with a certificate.


Due to our small number of participants (max. 25) we are able to guarantee high quality of coaching and a rapid, individual and successful learning process.


More information can be found on our information brochure or by contacting us via E-Mail. E-Mail.


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Social Entrepreneurship Issues

In our workshop we discuss various societal issues and challenges. If required the ZGI:kompakt workshop can also be specifically focused on one particular societal topic.


Feel free to send us an E-Mail, if you want to organize a ZGI:kompakt workshop dealing with a specific societal topic


Who We Are



In recent years, social entrepreneurship has experienced worldwide attention because it addresses the social challenges of our time using innovative models. As a network organization of the four universities of Munich we started in 2010 with the aim of being the focal point for everyone who brings together entrepreneurial activities with social thinking.
With our claim “Education for societal change,“ we empower people to tackle social problems with innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and help them turn their ideas into viable, sustainable concepts.



The KfW Stiftung is an operational active foundation. It deals with the major societal challenges – globalization, environment and climate and demographic change. We encourage initiatives to break the existing paradigms, develop concepts for alternative actions and provide platforms for cross-border exchanges. Thus, we create space for alternative thinking, creating diversity in economy, ecology, society and culture and taking responsibility.

Our Lecturers

The ZGI:kompakt workshop is organized by internationally experienced Social Startup experts.


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